Full Name Alexa Biggly
Age 11 (As of the Pilot episode)

Septmeber 4

Resides Hollywood, California
Portrayed by Olivia Keegan

Alexa Biggly is a minor character on Sam & Cat. She is portrayed by Olivia Keegan.



She has won the Winchester Dog Dancing Contest for 3 consecutive years. Not much else is known about her.


Alexa and her parents showed at Sam and Cat's apartment, wanting Dice's dog back. They explained that their dog, Cornelius, ran away six months ago, the same time Dice found Opee and took him in. They showed a picture of the dog and Alexa dancing in the Winchester Dog Dancing Contest. To decide who gets Cornelius/Opee, they set him in the middle of the room then Dice and Alexa went to opposite sides of the room to see who the dog goes to. Before Sam finished counting, the dog ran to Dice. Shocked, Alexa and her parents said that they would come back in 24 hours with a warrant and a policeman to get him back and left. The next day, Alexa and her father showed up at the door to get Cornelius/Opee. Unaware that Sam and Cat bought a decoy dog to trick them, they were surprised when Sam simply said that they could have the dog. They took the dog and asked the gang if they wanted to see the competition, saying only if they can afford cable and left laughing. At the competition, Alexa was frustrated that "Cornelius" wasn't dancing and when she picked him up, he started growling and began to attack her.


She is shown to be very obnoxious and prissy. She demanded that Sam, Cat, and Dice return Cornelius/Opee in 24 hours or they'll show up with a warrant and a policeman. She also kept rudely telling Dice that the dog's name was Cornelius, not Opee. She is also rude to her parents, even though they don't seem to care as shown when she demanded her father to show them a video and when she told her mother to hush.


Mr. and Mrs. Biggly

Mr. and Mrs. Biggly were always spoiling Alexa, even though she mistreated them at times.


Alexa and Dice were arch-enemies since they both wanted Cornelius/Opee. At the end, Dice got to keep Opee and Alexa was stuck with a violent dog.






  • She never really cared about her dog, Cornelius, she just used him for the dog dancing contest.
  • Alexa's parents are shown to be as prissy and obnoxious much like her.
  • Every time Dice mentions Opee's name, she rudely says that his name is Cornelius.



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