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Full Name Biddy-Boo
Age 11 (As of the Pilot episode)

June 12

Resides Hollywood, California
Portrayed by Amber Tate

Biddy-Boo is the puppy of Amber Tate.

So far, he and his owner have only appeared in the episode iCarly Saves TV. According to many people on the TVS studio, he vomits a lot. Freddie Benson was assigned to clean (bathe) him. He is always vomiting on Freddie.

Biddy-Boo has white, flurry fur and appears to be a little spoiled.

According to Carly,she has had "chicken wings with more meat on than that thing!", which could imply that she has a lot of fur, or Carly was just being mean to Amber and her dog Template:Stub

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