Season 1, Episode 1
First Aired January 6th, 2018
Production Code 101
Writer(s) Dan Schneider
Director(s) Steve Hoefer
Viewed By: 5.7 Million
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Pilot The scariest moment on the set of Logan for 11-year-old actress Dafne Keen wasn't slicing people's faces off, filming a car chase, or having to lay out every bit of acting chops she had to nail the masterpiece ending. It was just walking on the set and meeting an iconic actor who had been a part of the franchise for as long as Hugh Jackman.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Keen and director James Mangold discussed the moments which were most intimidating for the brilliant young actress.

"I think the scariest moment was when I met Patrick [Stewart] because I had already met Hugh [Jackman] at the casting," Keen said. "So, it was the first day, like when everyone was there."

Mangold was quick to point out that Keen had briefly met Stewart, prior to their on-set encounter.

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